Czech for foreigners

You can learn Czech language with our playful forms of education, that increases the attractiveness of Czech Language Courses, enhance students' motivation and fullfils hours with fun and entertainment. Czech Language Courses are organized in accordance with the individual needs of each student. According our students so far, learning Czech language at our school is very effective and is it designated for literary everyone. We also offer a new, attractive forms of learning Czech with using modern technologies such as iPad etc. Come and see our amazing a funny Czech Language Courses, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Czech Language Courses

ALA, our language school in Prague, offers you a various forms of Czech Language Courses for foreigners - according their needs and abilities of learning this language. We are providing Czech Individudal Courses and Czech Intensive Courses, as well as we can organize Czech Permanent Residency Langugage Test for you of various other exams. We are using methods of natural, interactive teaching that offer you possibility of learning uneasy Czech language quite easily.

Individual Czech course

Study not only basics of Czech, enjoy 12 wonderful Czech stories in iPad and learn what you really need to say!


We will surround you with Czech!


Basics of Czech

Learn basic Czech phrases that you need when travelling, shopping, in the restaurant, at the doctor's etc.  





Czech Gramatikon

Already advanced in Czech but still want to improve your grammar? Try our Gramatikon and grammar-based lessons!

Czech has a neverending portfolio of endings!